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Fixed income securities refer to the great portion of investors who are averse to the high risk of their equity investments. The bonds are the main investment tool in this category and are mainly characterized by very attractive, stable returns.

Our experienced and specialized executives, featuring high quality expertise and extensive experience in managing debt, apply advanced methods of analysis in order to identify the best combination of performance and risks so as to design the most effective for you bond portfolios.

A. Identify your investment profile

In a personal meeting with the Account Manager of our company we will together determine your investment horizon, your tolerance for risk and the level of desired annual income. We emphasize on the formation of a representative picture of your financial situation taking into account your present and future cash needs.

We choose the investment strategy

Bond investment strategies cover a wide range of opportunities through the various types of bond securities and the prospects of international markets. The uniqueness of every strategy maximizes the return-risk relationship according to the characteristics of your investment and offers the choice of security that best fits you.

Effectively manage your savings

The management team continually monitors the credit rating of bonds, analyzes the global markets and reviews periodically the progress of the investment strategy so to ensure that it continues to meet your personal profile and that it adapts to your variable cash needs.

Based on the philosophy of our company we offer you Specialization – Security – Personalized Services.

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