Eurobond Fund In Eur (R)

Investment Objective

The mutual fund invests in a portfolio of tradable fixed income securities issued by corporate and government entities. The investment objective of the mutual fund is to achieve returns primarily from capital gains and secondarily from income (coupons).

Investment Strategy

To achieve its objective, the management company invests the mutual fund's assets in a portfolio of corporate and government without credit rating limitations. These investments refer at least to 65% of its net assets. Profits and income of the fund are reinvested.

The mutual fund may make use of derivatives, both for hedging or meeting its investment objectives, which may affect its performance.

Refers To

The mutual fund is addressed to investors with long-term horizon, without a time commitment. The minimum recommended holding period of the units is 3 years.

European Reliance Asset Management
Κρατικά & Εταιρικά Ομόλογα
Low Moderate
1.62 (02/12/2021)

Mutual Funds » Bond

Bond funds invest primarily in debt securities. Up to 10% of their net assets may be invested in equities.

Bond funds have a medium risk profile and appeal to investors who are seeking through investing in government and corporate bonds to benefit in the medium term more than investing in money market instruments (short-term government bonds, treasury bills, etc.).


Information Material

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European Reliance Eurobond Government Bond Developed Countries Fund in EUR

For 3 Year performance 2016-2018.

Pricing Policy

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