European Reliance Growth Domestic Equity Fund

Investment Objective

Achieving high performance from the portfolio management of Greek stocks derived primarily from capital appreciation and secondarily from dividends. The investment objective is achieved through active management of the assets of the fund.

Investment Strategy

It invests in a diversified portfolio of Greek stocks, focusing on large-cap companies with strong fundamentals (profitability, capital structure, liquidity) and good growth prospects. The investment opportunities in the Greek capital market are evaluated through, among others, the development prospects of the companies, the comparative evaluation with similar companies in the industry and the quality of their administration. The fund has a high investment risk profile and its performance is compared with that of the General Index of the Athens Stock Exchange.

Refers To

Investors with a long term horizon (over 5 years) who wish to be placed in the domestic stock market trusting the prospects of Greek enterprises. Having under consideration the high variability and the risk of possible negative returns during periods of downturn in the Greek stock market, they expect high capital gains.

European Reliance Asset Management
Large-Cap and Mid-Cap Stocks
9.07 (02/12/2021)

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Equity mutual funds invest at least 65% of their assets in equities which are traded on regulated markets.
Equity funds have high investment risk and are intended for investors with a long term horizon seeking of capital gains mainly through the participation in broad equity portfolios.

Information Material

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European Reliance Growth Domestic Equity Fund

For 3 Years performance 2017-2019.
For 1 Year performance 2017.
For 3 Years performance 2016-2018.
For 5 Years performance 2013-2017.
For 7 Year performance 2011-2017.

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