Portfolio Management Services

In the era of globalized markets, the need for professional and responsible management of your funds becomes essential. European Reliance Asset Management confronts these challenges as a result of its 20-years of experience in managing investment portfolios.
Managers and key executives of the company have rich theoretical background, extensive experience and knowledge of both domestic and foreign capital markets and money markets. As a result, we can respond with confidence to the specific needs of each investor.

offers the investors two portfolio management services:

  • 'Create Income' service, which maximizes your income by receiving fixed coupons of the bond portfolios,
  • "Create Wealth" service, which aims to medium-term gains through five models of investment portfolios consisting of Mutual Funds & Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's).

The investment portfolios take into account the expected return and risk of each investor. The investment strategies of the model portfolios are formed through the use of various investment tools from an experienced, well-trained and qualified professional team, who has as a top priority to help you achieve your investment goals with respect to your investment profile.

The historical performance of the funds under management combined with the quality of our services has won the trust of our customers and is the best proof of our effectiveness.

  • Create Income

    Fixed income securities refer to the great portion of investors who are averse to the high risk of their equity investments. The bonds are the main investment tool in this category and are mainly characterized by very attractive, stable returns.

  • Create Wealth

    An investment in Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) may have the features that you want. Because depending on the profile and your needs, you can choose from preservatives, mixed or aggressive portfolios.

Mutual Funds

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Material - Create Income

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Material - Create Wealth

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