The Greek Society experiences for the first time an environment that requires solidarity and personal responsibility.

European Reliance Asset Management, within the framework of the efforts for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, promptly applied preventive measures. The purpose of the preventive measures is the protection of the employees and the society and the unhindered function of the Company, so that it will be able to provide high quality services to its clients. Among other measures, the Company successfully applies remote working, and at these critical moments, only the required safety personnel remains at the Company’s buildings, for the time period that will be considered necessary.

Our Company, aiming to contribute to the national efforts for the deceleration of the spread of the virus in Greece, encourages our clients and network to use the following communication channels for the provision of services:

By selecting one of the aforementioned methods, your communication with our Company will be possible without the need for your natural presence in our offices.

                                                                       We stay close to you.... from afar!

Our Company observes the latest developments and guidelines of our Country’s authorities to adopt any additional measures that may be considered necessary