Privacy Policy

General Information

European Reliance Asset Management (hereinafter referred to as "COMPANYCompany") is a mutual fund management company that places an emphasis on building trusting relationships with its customers. COMPANY is responsible for the processing of your personal data and therefore complies with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter "GDPR") and Directive 2016/680 / EU, incorporated in the Greek legislation. In this document you can study how we process the personal data we collect and receive about you and find out about your rights as a data subject.

The purposes of the processing of personal data of COMPANY customers are:

  1. the service, support and monitoring of the shareholders' participation in the mutual funds managed by COMPANY, based on the applications submitted by the customers for participation, acquisition and redemption - reinvestment in mutual funds under the management of COMPANY,
  2. the service, support and monitoring of COMPANY transaction relations with clients to whom it provides asset management services, as well as the correct and lawful execution of the contracts between them,
  3. the registration, recording and archiving of all kinds of orders, applications and requests of clients to COMPANY made in writing or electronically, in the context of their participation in mutual funds managed by COMPANY or of investment services provided to them by COMPANY,
  4. in the context of the management of mutual funds and the provision of investment services, the fulfillment of the obligations arising from the current legislative and regulatory framework of COMPANY, as well as its compliance with decisions of the competent supervisory, administrative, public and judicial/prosecutorial authorities and services ,
  5. the satisfaction of all kinds of customer requests addressed to COMPANY or the examination of customer complaints and
  6. the sending of printed and electronic messages by the Company to the customers for advertising/promotional purposes, given they have previously granted to COMPANY a special consent.

Type of processing

The processing of personal data of COMPANY customers refers to activities such as the collection, registration, organization, structure, storage, change, retrieval, search of information, use, transfer, restriction or deletion of personal data that have been or will be disclosed to COMPANY, both in the context of its transactional relations with customers and in the context of information that COMPANY receives from third parties, natural or legal, persons or entities of the public sector, in the exercise of their legal rights or of COMPANY.

COMPANY processes the personal data of its customers which:

  1. have been submitted or will be submitted by its own customers and which are necessary for the initiation, maintenance and execution of their business relations, future or existing, with COMPANY,
  2. receives or are disclosed to it from third parties, natural or legal persons or from public bodies, if they are necessary either for the achievement of the legal interests of COMPANY itself or a third party or for the fulfillment of its duties performed to ensure public interest,
  3. are found in publicly accessible sources and/or records, to the extent that they are necessary for the purposes of the processing.

The personal data provided by the customers must be complete and accurate and updated under the supervision of the customers themselves, immediately in any case of their change or whenever deemed necessary or expedient by COMPANY to maintain the transactional relations between them or for the compliance of COMPANY with its obligations arising from the current legislative and regulatory framework.

In order to start and maintain its business relationship with its customers, COMPANY, complying with the current legal and regulatory framework governing asset management companies which, at the same time, provide investment services (COMPANY of extended scope), collects, maintains and processes the following personal data of its clients: Name, surname, father’s name, identity/passport or other official identification document, date of birth, permanent residence, residential address and mailing address, practicing profession, tax residence number, tax identification number (TIN) and local Tax Office, telephone (landline and mobile), Public Utility Organizations bills (electricity, telephony or water supply), e-mail address, financial/investment profile, knowledge and experience in investments and signature sample (physical).

The processing of personal data concerning minors is carried out under the strict condition or with the prior consent of the parents or those exercising their parental responsibility, in accordance with the specific provisions of the current legislation.

COMPANY does not process customer data which disclose racial or ethnic origin, political beliefs, religious or philosophical beliefs or membership of trade unions or genetic or biometric data for customer identification purposes or health data or the client's sex life or sexual orientation.