European Value Fund (R)

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4.1351 (06/02/2023)

Investment Objective

The mutual fund invests mainly in shares of selected large-cap companies, with headquarters in Europe. The objective of the mutual fund is the benefit of the shareholders by achieving high returns deriving primarily by capital appreciation and secondly by dividends.

Investment Strategy

For the achievement of this objective, the management company invests the assets of the mutual fund in a geographically diversified portfolio of shares companies whose headquarters are located in Europe, and the selection of the portfolio is performed according to strict qualitative and quantitative criteria (profitability, growth prospects, etc.) The investments above consist at least 65% of the net assets. The profit and the proceeds of the mutual fund are reinvested. The mutual fund may proceed to the use of derivatives for the coverage of risks or the coverage of its investment objectives, that may have an impact on its performance.

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The mutual fund is addressed to investors with long-term horizon, without a time commitment. The minimum recommended holding period of the units is 5 years.

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