Global Opportunities Foreign Equity Fund (I2)

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Geographical Area:


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5.1447 (06/02/2023)

Investment Objective

Achieving high performance by managing a portfolio of international shares, derived primarily from capital appreciation and secondarily from dividends. The investment objective is achieved through active management of the assets of the fund.

Investment Strategy

It invests primarily in shares of selected blue chip companies that have registered offices in international developed markets with an emphasis on those in the U.S., Europe and Japan. Due to the fact that it invests in equity securities with a currency other than the functional currency (euro), fluctuations in the value of such investments against currency valuation affects the value of the respective assets of the fund. The selection of shares is strictly based on qualitative and quantitative criteria (profitability, growth prospects, etc.). The fund has a high investment and currency risk profile and its performance is compared with the performance of the index MSCI World Index (in Euro).

Refers To

Investors with a long term horizon (over 5 years) who wish to be placed with a single motion in a flexible, global equity portfolio dispersion, expecting high returns and high volatility.

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