Who we are

Our Corporate Identity
  1. Name: European Reliance Asset Management Α.Ε.D.Α.Κ.
  2. Shareholders: 99,01% European Reliance General Insurance SA (the only insurance company listed in Athens Stock Exchange)
  3. Initial Year: 1990
  4. Custodian: Eurobank SA
  5. Funds under Management: > 471 mil. Euro
  6. European Reliance Mutual Funds Assets: > 83 mil. Euro
  7. Private Portfolio Assets: > 388 mil. Euro
  8. The number of investors in Private Portfolios & European Reliance Mutual Funds is more than 2.791
  9. The number of European Reliance Mutual Funds is 6
Our Philosophy

Our company's goal is to establish relationships of trust with our customers in the long term, with an emphasis on the quality of our services and the human factor. Our experienced partners and professional executives combined with the application of modern technologies, make us particularly effective.


Our managers and key employees have sound education, extensive experience and knowledge of both domestic and foreign capital markets as well as money markets. They are able to satisfy the specific needs of each individual investor.


The internal control procedures and the strict implementation of the existing legislations protect the interests of our customers and provide complete transparency at all stages of the investment procedure. All invested funds and securities are maintained in separate accounts, deposited to the custodian and monitored by our Company. In addition, our Company, as an institutional investor, participates in an investor compensation scheme through the "Assurance Guarantee Fund Investor Services". Our supervisor is the Greek Capital Market Commission.


The reliability and the continuous dialogue are key factors for a successful and long term partnership with our customers. Our Company, through the service of the Account Manager, offers our customers high quality investment services updating them on developments and prospects of capital markets - foreign and domestic- and providing them with direct service adapting their needs to the new market data.

The Service Network

Our customers can refer to:

The main office of European Reliance Asset Management AEDAK.
274, Kifisias Ave., 152 32 Chalandri, telephone number +30210 6124914, fax +30210 6800985

Any of the 62 offices of European Reliance General Insurance throughout Greece

Out network of 5.730 partners throughout Greece